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Memorial Reefs International is now offering pet parents a unique resting place for their companion animals. Memorial Reefs are an ecological way to respectfully honor your precious pet. Your pet’s Living Legacy begins with the addition of their cremated remains within our patented Reef Ball Memorial, which is then placed in our Florida undersea memorial garden dedicated specifically for pets. The surface of the memorial is textured to allow adhesion of coral polyps, while its hollow center shelters fish and other marine animals. Our Memorial Reefs help to restore the coral reef ecosystem lost to the ravages of Global Climate Change. Engineered to last more than 500 years, your pet’s reef will provide significant marine life and coral growth for generations to come.

Our Process


Arrange to have your pet cremated through your veterinarian or local Gateway provider. Remains from previously cremated pets are also welcome. You can choose to include all or some of your pet’s cremated remains to be put into the memorial. Alternatively, we can build and dedicate Memorial Reefs to honor pets without containing their cremated remains.

Select Memorial

Select and order your pet’s Memorial Reef at the bottom of this webpage. Pet Reefs
are an ecological way to memorialize your pet. Upon receipt of your order, Memorial Reefs International will provide instructions for sending your pet’s cremated remains to us. When we receive your pet’s cremated remains, we will use them to build a Memorial Reef Ball using specialized concrete rated to last over 500 years.


Your pet’s Memorial Reef is then taken by boat to the site where it will become a home for abundant marine life. The textured surface attracts coral polyps, and the hollow interior provides shelter for fish, octopus, lobster, mussels, and anemones. Once we have placed your pet’s Memorial Reef in our undersea garden, we will send you the specified documents and photos confirming the placement of your pet’s memorial and any keepsake items you may have ordered.

Your Beloved Pet Becomes an Underwater Living Reef

When a beloved pet passes on, it can be hard to know what to do. Cremation is the leading choice for pet parents. But what to do with the cremated remains? Some scatter cremated remains in nature or leave the urn on a mantelpiece, but what if you could create a living legacy for your pet that supports marine life for generations to come?

A Home Beneath the Waves

A better place for your pet’s cremated remains may be beneath the waves!

At Memorial Reefs International, our specially designed memorial reefs turn cremated remains into living, thriving coral environments. We are proud to now offer this service for your pets, too!

What better way to continue the cycle of life, to give back the energy and life-force your beloved pet once gave you, than by committing their remains to benefit endangered animals?

Already fragile due to their sensitive biology, coral is dying off at a record pace due to rising ocean temperatures. Pet memorials help coral communities, fish, and other marine life to adapt and survive.

In the current climate and ecological crisis, there are few tangible ways for individuals to help. Memorialization of your pet is one of those ways. When you choose a memorial reef for your pet, you’re helping one of the most important and endangered environments on Earth.

These Memorial Reefs also contribute to ecological awareness, as children and other family members will love talking about these unique memorials. The treasured memories of your pet will sparkle even more when you make them part of a beautiful reefscape.

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Create a living legacy for your precious companion animal by ordering one of these sustainable pet memorial reefs today. Support coral reefs and give your pet a resting place that truly honors their spirit.

Memorial Reefs International

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Community Memorial Reef

$40 per pet

Our most economical memorial reef option combines your pet’s cremated remains with many others in each Reef Ball Memorial. A great opportunity for your beloved pet to help restore our oceans. Includes a Keepsake Certificate with a photo of the Memorial Pet Reef Garden.

Pack Memorial Reef

$595 per pet

Free your beloved pet to “run with the pack.”  Memorial Reefs International will add your pet’s cremated remains with 9 others and engrave each pet’s name on one bronze plaque attached to the memorial. Our lowest cost personal memorial. Includes a Keepsake Certificate with a photo of your pet’s memorial and GPS coordinates of the site location of your pet’s Pack Reef.

Individual Memorial Reef

$2,995 per pet

Honor your beloved pet with an individual memorial reef.  Our Premium Reef containing a single pet’s cremated remains that comes with a dedicated bronze plaque you can help design. Includes a Keepsake Certificate with a photo of your pet’s memorial and GPS coordinates of the specific location of your pets Individual Memorial Reef.

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